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Dear Students, Welcome to Chate Group of Education, We are delighted to introduce you to an entire new Revolutionary approach of Highly Scientific, Innovative Coaching Institute in Kolhapur.

Chate Group is the only Institute with Students as a center Philosophy with our every activity and planning.

know that Success in board as well as in competitive examinations like JEE,NEET,MHT-CET, & many more lies in understanding basic fundas, practicing them hard & their application in exams. So we focus on feeding roots & making your foundation strong. Our vast Experience of Teaching thousands of students reveals that one can easily crack 10th & 12th Board Exam & other Entrance Examinations.


mission of Chate Classes is to transform the lives of our students. We aim to make our students autonomous, lifelong learners, excelling academically and in all manners being a symbol of merit. It’s our educational parenting to be students’ resourceful co-traveller in the cause of success by taking due care of their development in merit, consistency in success and unfaltering self-belief.


In Chate teaching format, an education institution is not just a means to an end. Instead of merely churning out scholars, we give much credit to influencing an ideal educational ambience which can be cultivated through quality education. Our system of education aims at making students visionary of modern times with a confident and balanced global approach. Undeniably, Indian has come up as the country to beat in a more benign rivalry over education with magnificent success in software developments, internet businesses and knowledge intensive industries. Chate Classes is much secure about its teaching system and educational set-up as myriad students have consistently ranked at the top of tests that Chate Classes takes pride in.

Goals and objectives of Academy venture

  • Guide students as they explore their values, interests, personality and skills.
  • Ensure that students have access to knowledgeable and informed advisors who demonstrate care and respect for human and cultural differences.
  • Communicate regularly with students and provide accurate information regarding policies and procedures to make academic, career, social and personal decisions.
  • Collaborate with students on the development and implementation of academic plans and educational experiences congruent with the student's interests and abilities.
  • Teach students to utilize their unique educational, career, and personal potential.
  • Continually assist students in understanding the relationship between liberal education, career success and lifelong learning.

Why students love Academy?


Director Message

Dr. Prof. Bharat Kharate
Director, Chate Group of Education,
Kolhapur Division

Dear Students & Parents,

In today's competitive century, it's students and parents intense wish that the student should get good education that enables to earn good financial source to lead a high quality life. Today's each and every student and parent has become very much aware about education. Though the student studies somewhere, gets the guidance some where, gets all the required facilities from parents, there is no guarantee of reaching the target. We have found out the precise reason behind it. If its answer is found, one can reach the target. So, this is the time to take an important decision for a bright future. We would like to throw light on some important ways to grab the success.

We are very proud about our success that we have achieved till date. It is our integrated part of our working system to provide good facilities, show affinity and give preference to the students who take admission in Chate Group of Education. In fact, our bright future depends on the new generation only and it is necessary to prepare them well in today's competitive century. However, he should be capable to face the challenges of the world with skills and competence. There is a wide scope and opportunity for each and every student to prove in our pleasant atmosphere and high-tech educational system. In short, Chate Group of Education has created a big network in entire Maharashtra by a well planned system considering time, hard work and money of the student.

Today, it is expected to have more success than the success they get. Chate Group of Education tries to create an allround developed student by becoming the bridge in these things.