Director Message

Dr. Prof. Bharat Kharate
Director, Chate Group of Education,
Kolhapur Division

Dear Students & Parents,

We take every effort to make a good thing happen. Almost every student of ours is like a prospective sapling that transforms into a gigantic tree in the long run. Which is why, we remain pledged to give our students the best concept of quality education.

We know life is precious and so are you. The right education at the right time can make life prosper. Chate’s integrated college will make it all possible efforts for delivering the foundation courses for the students interested for different competitive exams after 12th in these streams. The foundation courses will make them familiar to the exams and the experience of the faculties will be like cherry on the cake. After 12th these students will don’t have to take any new efforts in discovering these exams.

One of the sector which experienced positive growth during lockdown was the ANIMATION sector. Today India’s Animation sector stands at 2nd position in world. And taking this huge market sector into consideration, we are entering into this huge sector by joining hands with RELISH INFOSOFT (An International Accredited Institution). After entering into this sector, we will provide foundation and professional courses like 2D/3D Animation, Graphics and VFX for the students, after completion of which they will be directly given the assured placements through our college. This will make the students acquire the skills required for industries at all levels.

These entire efforts from Chate’s Arts and Commerce Integrated College will steer the entire life of all these students in a positive way. ‘A stitch in time saves nine ’has been the motto of our educational system ever since we embarked on the journey of dishing out quality education in every sphere of life. Next keeping pace with the changing pattern of syllabus be it on any level, we always put in our best in giving the best understandable and easy aspects of learning through improvised learning.

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